Wednesday, July 20, 2011

AntiVirus: Are you protected

Anti Virus protection is the most over rated subject in regards to PC's these days. If you have a thread of common sense it is really pretty hard to "get" a virus. I have NEVER had virus protection on my PC and have NEVER had any issues with Malware, Spyware, Viruses etc...Go ahead, ask my family and/or friends. That being said, Never say Never, I'm sure to go home tonight, plug in to the World Wide Interweb and contract some never been heard of before virus that totally obliterates the files on my PC!!! Keep in mind I am a computer professional and have a better idea than most as to what to look for in regards to Viruses AND I would NEVER advise anyone to go without Virus protection...

That being said...

Companies that create Anti Virus softwares are akin to our president. They employ scare tactics to get you to purchase their product. Not only do they want you to buy their Anti Virus protection but of course they want to sell you a malware component, spyware component, firewall etc etc etc... If you don't buy them something DIRE will happen to you, your loved ones and your PC...I believe that all you really need is a good Anti Virus program. If you do find yourself in need of malware of spyware removal there are plenty of things available for free that work fine. Also, keep in mind that the more components that you install on your PC the slower it will be and generally speaking the more intrusive the program will be. In short I employ the  KISS theory, Keep It Simple Stupid or Less is More...Anyway, if you are frugal and need help with acquiring Anti Virus, here is a website with lots of helpful information AND all of the programs here are FREE.  I will add one to the list that I  have been using with my clients over the past many years and it does a very good job as well...AVG 2011. There are also many programs that you can pay for that don't generally give you a better Anti Virus engine, just more bells and whistles. For those of you who feel like you get a better product by paying, here is a list of OVERALL best Anti Virus programs, free ones are compared also...,2817,2372364,00.asp 

Don't forget, if you find yourself in a situation where you need to have your PC "cleaned" call a professional. Many times the things you try to do to clean it yourself end up making it worse and the longer it goes on the worse it tends to get. The longer your PC runs the more active the virus can become. If you suspect you have a virus, malware, spyware issue contact someone immediately. The sooner you do it the better. Time is data and the longer  you wait the more chance your data will become corrupted.

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