Thursday, March 3, 2011

My "CRACK" in the morning

I am very fortunate in that my work schedule begins when many are just getting in from a fun night out. I am unfortunate that there are times that getting up at 0300 can be a drag. I am very much a morning person, however, this early sometimes pushes the envelope and at times I find myself dozing, head-bobbing etc. God Bless CZABE. I am not only a computer nerd but an avid sports fan. I tire of the same old mainstream B.S. in music, news, sports...That's were Steve Czaban comes in. He's a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stale universe of sports talk, especially here in the valley. I have to listen to him via the internet. Anyway, he not only talks of sports but is an expert on Hi-Def and an Apple lover, NOT HOMER. He is very irreverent and his topics include current events, 1080p, as well as sports. He is my "CRACK", keeps me going in the early mornings some days, I LOVE HIM, metaphorically speaking!!!
Like Czabe, I too can appreciate what the iPad brings to the table after buying my wife one for Christmas. I also see the merit in his assessment but will reserve judgement as to whether it's the cat's meow until RIM unveils their "Playbook". Anyway, the article is named "Why You Need An iPad. Period."  Feel free to peruse the rest of his site, plenty of other things to SEE and/or read about. He has a daily pic that is generally hilarious and sometimes just plain creepy...Anyway, Enjoy... 

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